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How to take care of yourself while taking care of the environment ?

Taking care of our body and mind is something we all need. And there are so many different things we can do to feel good and healthy. Think of your usual Sunday plans. Taking care of yourself should go along with taking care of the environment. Fortunately, there are many ways of doing so which are usually very easy and achievable to everyone.

There is no perfect way of taking care of yourself, it is for you to know what makes you feel good and healthy. For some people, self-care means spa day and for others, it would rather mean going for a hike. It is also important to realize that self care is not only taking care of your physical health but also of your mental health. Indeed, mental care is as important as physical care as it makes you feel good in your own body. You do not only know that your body is healthy, but you actually feel it.

Make self-care eco-friendly !

Probably for most of us, self-care goes by the use of cosmetics. Indeed, for a lot of people, personal care means making masks, having a morning and night skin care routine, taking baths, and so on. These surely do help for us to feel good in our bodies but how can we ensure that it will not have negative impacts on the environment ?

"taking care of your physical health but also of your mental health"

Our role in order to protect the planet is to carefully choose products we want to consume and brands we want to support and to change our habits for better ones. We now need to be conscious of the dangers the production of some goods can have on the environment.

1. Choose co-friendly packagings

Firstly, sometimes we find plastic in places we don't expect it but they are ways to find better alternatives. They are now more and more brands active in sustainable development. These brands use recyclable materials for the packaging of their products or biodegradable cardboard packaging (such ourselves ;). Are you going for a small picnic with friends? Bring some reusable cups and food containers with you. These easy replacements of plastic packagings are going to be useful even if you are going for a relaxing get away weekend or holidays.

2. The closer the better !

Secondly, find local brands. Purchasing from brands who produce in your region or country decreases the carbon emission caused by transportation in comparison to the pollution caused by purchasing from brands located and producing further away. Try to go for a little stroll to find out which shops are in your neighbourhood maybe you'll be surprised what goodies they sell!

Then there are other small things to do : recycling, reducing your water consumption, using reusable fabric cotton pads instead of one-use pads, etc.

3. Stay active: sweat does not pollute !

Beyond the aspect of cosmetics, another way of taking care of your body and your mind at the same time is physical activity. Adopting simple habits in our everyday lives can improve our wellbeing and at the same time be more environmentally friendly. This habits do not have to be difficult to implement, for example, you are certainly aware that biking or walking does not contribute to global warming whereas taking the car does. Well the good news is that it does however contribute to an increase in our wellbeing. Indeed, practicing any exercise (which usually do not have negative impacts on our environment), improves our general mood, makes us sleep better, enhances our creativity and various other aspects in our lives.

4. Relax your mind

Not all activities to take care of yourself have to be physical. In fact we can't have enough head space for sustainable living if we are too stressed by our daily life. That is why it is important to take time for your self with some easy activities such as reading, meditation or just spending some time with your close ones or by yourself. For instance, reading a good book does not represent much danger for the planet! :)

Additionally, while relaxing during rainy days you can read up some useful info on green homes and eco-friendly living with a warm tea in your hand. Here are few tips of books about sustainable living. Do you like to do social activities while not exactly sporting? Try out your local associations for fun ateliers and activities to reset your mind.


As much as self-care is important, the respect of our environment should not be put aside for it (as caring for the nature is part of our self-care). There are enough possibilities and alternatives for everyone to sustainably take care of themselves. The idea is thus to find an activity that makes you happy (even better if it makes you move your body) and therefore increases your wellbeing, and that is non polluting.


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